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Stocking suggestions for an aquastyle 9

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For Christmas my son will get an Aquastyle 9 to house his betta, which has been kept in a giant low tech bowl along with 6 embers and a ramshorn snail. Our betta is an Amano shrimp killer, so all shrimp are out of the question. I'm just wondering a few things...

If we didn't have our betta I would be inclined to go with German rams. My kid loves Nemo, and these are pretty close to a freshwater version of a clownfish as far as I'm concerned. Besides, I have always loved these guys.

I want to fill out my school of embers. I was initially on the fence about whether to do embers or chili rasboras, but the LFs was out of chilies which made my decision easy. That said, what about throwing some chilies in with the embers? Could I do 2 small schools? If so, is it dumb to do another red fish?

I love corys and think my son would find them amusing, but am worried about how much amazonia aquasoil silt a school of pygmies will kick up. Bad idea?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The betta is blue by the way.
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