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Hey all,

I have a 50 gallon tank that I recently picked up and I've got about 20 blue neocaridina shrimp coming in and I'm looking for some suggestions for a large school(s) of smaller colorful fish to add to the tank that would really appreciate all the extra room. I've planted this tank, and I'm planning on adding a piece of driftwood as soon as I find a piece I like.

My hope is I can get some decently sized schools. I love the idea of having a large amount of small fish in a bigger tank, and I was hoping to see what I can do with this one. I was originally planning on getting Congo tetras or rainbow fish but since I decided to pick up the blue shrimp I'm concerned they wont make the best tank mates, hence this thread. I was debating getting rummynose tetras but, while I like the look of them, they are a little blander then I was hoping for with a larger school, but maybe someone can persuade me otherwise.

I've currently got 6 black neon tetras, 2 emerald eye rasboras and 1 ember tetra in there currently that I transferred over from a smaller tank.

So what are some suggestions for a colorful schooling fish that would do well in a planted, shrimpy, 50 gallon tank? Thanks for any suggestions!
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