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Please advise on the following-

10 Gallon

-2 scarlet Badis males
-15 micro rasboras
-about 25 assorted shrimp

23 gallon

-1 male stiphodon goby

I am receiving 2 gardneri killifish pairs, and 6 cories to add to this mix. I need some advise on how to divide the tanks

Opt 1 10 gallon

-keep everything as is, but maybe get rid of 2 male Badis and downsize on a lot of shrimp

Opt 2 10 gallon

-only keep shrimp and 2 pairs killifish in 10 gallon (I know they can be a threat to shrimp)

Opt 1 23 gallon

-move everything that's currently in the 10 gallon in with the stiphodon goby, and add cories to that mix

Opt 2 23 gallon

-keep killifish, goby, and cories and the rest in the 10 gallon.

Please help on this. Thanks in advance
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