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Stocking Question

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Hello all,

I have a 10 gallon that is finally cycled! I plan on having 4 neon tetras, 3 corys of some sort, but if I put my betta in the tank as well will that be over stocked?
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If your tank is heavily planted and you have some overkill filtration going on I think you'd be ok. I know you *can* keep fewer numbers of neons, but I don't think most people would recommend numbers fewer than seven. At any rate, your tank would be pretty crowded.
Thats kind of what I was thinking. I'll keep my betta in the tank that he is in now and just stick with the tetras and corys. I'll probably go with 5 tetras. I wasn't going to go below 4 because I know that tetras like lots of friends.
For a 10 gallon i'd recommend smaller corys, like the pygmy cory, cory habrosus, or hastatus. Otherwise, three full size 2.5 inch corys can take up a lot of stocking room.
I think you will be fine. I would actually add a couple more neons and I think it would be a really nice looking tank.

This all assumes good maintenance and keeping an eye on water parameters if anything begins to look off.

I frequently stock heavily, often very heavily. There are two issues that need to be considered. Are you overstocked in a manner that the stocking levels or the size of a tank affect the behavior of the fish (tank to small for species, too many fish in tank for territorial species, etc.). If you aren't violating this first consideration, everything else comes down to water quality.

Water quality is a maintenance issue. The more heavily you stock the more vigilant one has to be with water changes and watching for signs that something is amiss.

I do agree going wth one of the smaller cory species. They look better in a 10.
As an aside, if you like the cory / neon combo (it's one of my favorites for a planted peaceful tank) and are ever thinking about upgrading the size of your tank consider a 20g Long. It is the same height with 50 % more length so you have a lot more area for the neons to school or shoal in. Also it is two inches more in breadth which helps with aquascaping in my opinion.

Good Luck.
I keep a heavily planted 10 with 6 neons, 2 juli cories, a female beta, and some endlers. You should be fine.
You will be fine!
I personally have 4 female bettas, 2 platys, and two cories (1 albino and the other a jullie) and only have to do water changes every 6-7 days.

Bettas have a very low bioload. Just make sure to not overfeed, have good filtration, and have some nitrate sucking plants (i personally love duckweed and anacharis for this reason).
I wouldn't put normal sized corys in a ten gallon tank. A 20 long is much better and they will be much happier. My corys really enjoy swimming around and swimming fast, which they can't do in a 10 gallon. Sure people do it all the time but that doesn't mean it's in the best interest of the fish. Small corys are a great fit in a 10 gallon and won't make it look so cramped and small, plus they won't mind the smaller footprint!
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