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stocking Question 5.5

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I'm currently building about a 5.5 gallon tank (a little less) and it'll will be 6 inches wide, 7 inches tall, and 30 inches from end to end. It will be pretty heavily planted, with a decent sized field of belem, along with some moss and some yamaya stones. Anyways...
I was thinking about having a school of pygmy cories, some otos, and a scarlet badis, along with maybe some cherry shrimp. Will the cories be alright in this small of a setup? There will be frequent water changes, over filtered, and well taken care of, and the footprint is much larger than a standard 5 gallon. Would this be enough? Thanks
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I honestly don't know what to tell you, but I am curious about the stocking options in some of the long, low "bookshelf" tanks I've been seeing--they're usually around this size--I've seen them at about 6 gallons--and I've been wondering what's okay to put in them.
Yeah same here. The footprint is way different than an average tank so I'm hoping for some feedback soon!
I have 2 of the bookshelf tanks but I just use them as Q tanks. I did keep a betta in one once. Other than a small school of nano fish or some shrimp, I wouldn't put much else in there.
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