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Stocking ideas for 33bowfront

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Hey, my 33bowfront is going through a fishless cycle and I am wanting to find out what type of fish to put in it.
I keep reading about GBR and A. Borrelis and what not, but I'm just scared of cichlids in general. Are they placid enough to go into a 33gl planted tank with other fish?

For each reply, please list a maximum of four species. Ottos and pepper corries are already a must, as I love them.

So, i'll go first in what I had as an idea on how the posts should follow so its easier for me to decypher and not get a mess of a list of a billion species-

Harlequin Rasbora
glowlight tetra
{maybe Pencil fish instead of Glowlights}
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I don't own any german blue rams but have been really interested in them as of late. I think GBR will do fine in the tank if you give them their own space and divide up the aquarium through nifty aquascaping so that there is a break in the "line-of-sight" for the GBR. Keep like a male and female. They won't attack any other fish most of the time and are one of the most peaceful and smallest cichlids available. Only in breeding mode are they aggressive in defending their territory. So that's where cories might be in danger, they're so playful they'll just swim right in and get killed.

I like what you have so far. I like both harlequin and glowlight tetra--so hard to choose. Harlequins are from southeast asia though, while glowlights are from South America, so maybe harlequins will do better with rams. Otos and cories comes from SA too, so that only makes glowlights fit better.

So a bunch of otos (2-4), a good school cories and harlequins and a pair of rams. That sounds really good to me (at least in my head)!
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Rams are a lot different in aggression levels in my experience. I've yet to keep borelli, they are on my short list, but every other apisto I've kept is far more aggressive than Rams.

Rams aren't even aggressive when guarding eggs (a definite downside if you want to see ram babies, they end up eaten in community tanks) and let my other fish get within a couple of inches before flashing and shooing them off - but not very violently. Contrast that to my apisto Eunotus for example - that female took over better than half of a 55g tank when guarding eggs, and is ferocious about protecting her clutch.
I like my GBR's But another good choice would be a single angel then add some hatchetfish with about 6 ottos or 6 cories as clean up.
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