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Hey guys, I'm about half-way done stocking my 40 gallon breeder (36x18x16) and I've come to an impasse.

My original stocking plans were something like this:

8-12x rummynose tetra
6-8x cory cats
2 german blue rams
2 dwarf gourami

However, my girlfriend gifted me about 12 of her swordtail fry which have grown up in my tank over the past 2 months and have thrown a bit of a kink in my plans. I will not consider getting rid of the swordtails because my girlfriend is attached to them and I like them too

Currently I have

12x Swordtail (some are still small, but there are a few which are about an inch without the tail)
2x Dwarf Gourami
5x corydoras panda

I will be getting the 2 GBRs, as they were my focal point before I even started setting this tank up.

My question then becomes:

Can I house ~8 rummyose tetra in that setup still without problems? I will be running 2 filters fulltime - a cascada 200 and a biowheel 100. I'm diligent about water changes and maintenance, but I don't want the tank to be crowded/messy.

I have also considered upping my cory school a bit instead from 5 to 8-10

What do you guys think?
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