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Stocking and overall population for a 20 G

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So I just purchased a 20 gallon tank from a co-worker and have only had one tank in the past, that tank was a 29 gallon so it was a bit bigger.

Right now I am really in love with Panda Loaches and was going to attempt the following stocking.

Panda Loaches x6 (for sure)
Oto Cats x6 (maybe?)
Cherry shrimp

I wanted to add some sort of tetra, liver bearer, or tiger barbs as well to the tank.

So with my 29 it was well on its way to being heavily planted and at various points I had followed the "fish per inch" not calculating for decor, plants, or substrate mind you. Everything thrived until I moved to Texas and tore it down. It's in storage in Michigan so I am limited by my used 20 gallon for now.

going by that not so tried and true inch per fish I'd be 2 inches over just based on the loaches and oto's.

Not going to delete my blunder but apparently I was mixing tropical with sub tropical fish. The question still stands on "normal" stocking for a 20 gallon tank. Alternatively to tetra's and oto cats what should I mix with the loaches and cherrys then?
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Panda loaches are sub-tropical- need riverine conditions with high oxygen in tank. They are a species that is quite specialized. Being sub-tropical-need temperatures between 64-72°F. Neither tetras or otocinclus would work with this fish.

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okay that's good to know. I use Aquatic arts for most my fish and they gave a wider temperate range for them. Grant it was only up to 75 but still made me think that if I stuck to 75 it would work,

I have a larger airstone and a HOB filter graded for 60+ gallons so oxygen shouldn't be a problem should it? Also to keep the bacteria alive I have a sponge filter hooked up to the tank at the moment as well.
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