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So I am planning on upgrading to a 55 or a 75 gallon tank. Half of it will be pretty heavily planted, and the other half will be just a field of hair grass. So, here is what I was thinking on stocking it with...
25 Rummy nose tetra
4 Bolivian Rams
4-5 Peruvian Scalare Angels
15 Sterbai cory
2 Bushynose Pleco

Any problem with this stocking list? Which would you add first? I know rummys are harder to keep alive, so what is the best was to keep them living for the first few weeks? Frequent water changes? What's the best pH, mine is around 7.6. Thanks guys!

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I like your stock. Maybe once the angels are full grown you might have to get them down to one or two. You never know, angels always have different personalities.

Rummynose are one of the more sensitive tetra, but if you get them from a quality source it should not be much of a problem. All of mine are doing great over a month since receiving them in the mail.

It great that you are doing higher numbers of less species. I think it looks a lot better.
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