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Stocking a 20 gallon long?

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So far i have 6 glo fish, 10 Crystal red shrimp, and 6 Spixi Snails in my tank what else should i stock? Please reply back with your opinions thanks
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What are these "glo(w) fish" you're talking about? Do you mean glowlight tetras or the funky genetically engineered zebra danios or something else?

My personal opinion is that most aquariums look much better with a single school of fish than a hodgepodge of different species. With something as small as a 20 long, I'd just put in a school of 15 or so of your "glo(w) fish."
Glo fish are line bred zebra danio with neon coloring like yellow, green, or red. I too would go with a single school of fish, if you like the glow fish, go with them or get a group of pencils or tetras.
Sorry a group of 12 to 16....
Hyphessobrycon amandae or Pseudomugil furcatus.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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