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Ok, so a while back I hacked a dimmer into my planted+:

And then switched that for an IR controlled dimmer...

Well, my Stingray has been giving me some algae problems on my 10 gallon (shallow tank)... so, I had a dimmer laying around.. let's do it again!

I'm not going into great detail, you can get that from the planted+ post, as the general process is exactly the same. However, here's a few pictures of the project, just to show it can be done..

Same warnings as before.. don't burn your house down...

Click through for larger images if you need:

So first I popped open the stingray.. note the tight quarters inside the end-cap.. don't make your leads to the jack too long.

And removed the strain relief:

Test fit the connector:

And completed as before:

On low:

On high:
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