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step-by-step implementation of the EI method?

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Hi, I've looked through 13+ pages of the Fertilization and Water Parameters section, and I have not yet found a by-step implementation of the EI method. I found the thread that's "The EI Concept Explained" and I've read several of DarkBlades's posts but where's thread that says here hows to do it?

btw, I have a 10gal tank, and I've found the Green Leaf Aquarium's EI Pack. I've also found links to a couple different internet calculators but I don't know what I should try to achieve?

There's got to be a step-by-step guide with a look-up chart. Can someone please point me to them?

Thanks so much, Todd
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The beauty of the EI concept is that you don't need to aim for anything; all the work has been done for you.

If you follow the EI dosing method, then you will meet the nutritional demands of plants, in general.

I believe in my Primer to the Planted Aquarium, there is a link to the Barr Report where the original article is located (it has a chart for the recommended amounts depending on the size of your aquarium).
I generally follow this guideline as a starting point:

You can get some small teaspoons, typically labeled: "pinch" "drop", etc and they correspond to the smaller sizes you need. Read the reviews on Amazon, they will tell you.

My dosing goes like this (also for a 10g):

Monday: 1/16 tsp KNO3, 1/32 tsp K2SO4, 1/32 tsp KH2PO4, 2ml Excel
Tuesday: 1/32 tsp micros, 2ml excel
Wednesday: Repeat Monday
Thursday: Repeat Tuesday
Friday: Repeat Monday
Saturday: Repeat Tuesday
Sunday: 50% water change, no dosing.

I'm still adjusting, best bet is to watch your plants, if they look like they are dying then post a picture in the plant forums and the experts will be able to tell you what you are missing.
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See in this forum, under the heading FAQ right at the top of the index for this forum.
yep Hoppy, thanks, I've been reading a number of those threads

So when it comes down to it there is not a step by step "need." Buy the pack you mentioned, get some measuring spoons off of amazon that go low, and then dose the amounts listed above during the week. At the end of the week do at least a 50% water change. Start over. This is the EI method, of course.

Here are the spoons you might need: Norpro 3080 Mini Measuring Spoons, 5 Piece Set: Kitchen & Dining

Somebody will post what the pinch, smidgen, etc equate to. You need ones this small because of the size of your dosing.
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