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I have some plants and shrimps for sale.

Blyxa japonica - 1 stem $1.50 or 15 for $15
Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae - 30 nodes - $5 or 90 nodes for $10
Echinodoru tenellus - 5 nodes $7
Rotala indica 'green' - 5 stems $5 (very low - ground cover)

Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides - 20 nodes $5 or 60 for $10 (great ground cover)

Marsilea minuta - $0.75 per nod or 20 nodes for $10.

polygonum kawagoeanum - $2 per stem
Heteranthera zosterifolia - 7 stems $5
Myriophyllum mattogrossense - 10 stems $5
Alternanthera reineckii (very purple) - 1 stem $2

Pistia stratiotes - 10 plants $5

All the above plants come from medium-light (<1W per gallon), CO2 and soil based tanks.

Anubias nana - $5 for plant with 5-8 leaves
Anubias nana 'petite' - $5 for plant with 5-8 leaves (this is a tiny plant for nano tanks - leaves are 1/4", the whole plant with more than 10 leaves is 1-2" total!) Make sure you know the plant.
All Anubias have anything between 5 and 20 leaves. I'm always very generous in counting them

I have RCS originally from Tom Barr. They are originally Fire Red (see picture). As you can tall from the photos, most of the females are pretty red. There will be mix of Fire Red, Sakura and Red Cherry.
20 for $20. I will be shipping juvies and very young adults and will add some extras. No heat pack, so watch your weather. They will be fine up to 40F. Usual DOA apply if USPS delivers in 3 days.

Ramshorn snails - $5 for 10 (mix of brown with red/orange gene)

Shipping: USPS Priority w/tracking within continental USA only. $7 shipping.
Payment: PayPal. Please, pay quickly once you commit to buy.

Main tank:

Eleocharis Bellem is in the middle, next to Lilaeopsis (left front). It's about half its height. Rotala 'green' is behind Lilaeopsis (it's about the same height so it's hard to see)

This is when it's overgrown:

My shrimp tank.

Some adult females

Group of mixed shrimps
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