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Hers my breakdow

40 gallon breeder
Pool filter sand
Wood, rocks, etc.
fluval 3.0 light
Aquaclear 70 filter

this is a grow out tank, as I have all small South American cichlids.

7 redhead tapajos
1 electric blue acara
5 redback amapa angel fish

6-8 months I will be getting a 140 gallon. But this is good as they are all babies.

I’m a planted aquarium Fanatic. I do have poop filter sand as one cheap, and looks great. But second obviously for my geophagus.

I love stem plants, and was wondering how well they will do keeping them in bunches, and weighting them down by small rocks or plant weights.
My understanding is stem plants grab most nutrients from the water column.
I have read also some prefer a good panted substrate.
Photo attached is what I just purchased from Dustins fish tanks to test this method out.
Anyone else do this with success? Or am I going to regret this decision.
I have my anubias attached to rocks. Plus have some bacopa Carolinas yellow flame in there already.
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