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Hey all, it's trim time again, so I have some goodies to sell.

What I have for sale is:

10x Ludwigia sp. Red - 2$ ea. or 16$ for all 10
20x Rotala Colorata - 1$ ea. or 18$ for all 20
20x Rotala Green - 1$ ea. or 18$ for all 20
5x Limno sp. mini Vietnam - 2$ ea.
8x AR Mini emersed - 2$ ea.

Carpet Plants:
2x "Japanese Hairgrass" or DHG Belem 2"x2" - 7$ ea. obo
1x "Japanese Hairgrass" or DHG Belem 3"x3" - 17$ obo

Shipping is 7$
I'll be shipping ASAP

Plants grown in the tank may have some snails, & algae, but I do my best to look out for them.
Emersed plants have no algae whatsoever.

DOA refund is given if pictures are taken of the plants within 1 hour of delivery. Please, watch your weather and mind the summer heat! I'm also not responsible for usps delays/mishandling.

All submersed plants come from this tank: Ludwigia sp Red

Limno sp. Mini Vietnam

AR Mini Emersed, DHG Belem 2"x2" & 3"x3"
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