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So I have two things for sale. First thing is 20 pieces of Staurogyne repens. I have it in two tanks but it's not going to work out it the one tank, just not liking it in that tank so it's just extra pieces I don't need. Majority of the pieces have roots, some have a little bit of brown algae on the oldest lower leaves but these pieces are still really nice. SOLD

The second thing I have is a small piece of Texas Select driftwood I bought but changed my mind about. Decide I wanted rocks only instead and no wood. It was for my Evolve 8 gallon (roughly 12x12x10 I believe) so that gives you an idea on size. I would say it is no tall than 10 inches max and roughly 7 inches long. This is just an approx but if you want measurements, I can bust out the old tape measure. $20 shipped for this as well.

That's all, check out the pics to see the plants and also the driftwood piece.


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