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Status of upgrades..

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Sup guys, just figured Id fill you in as to what I have, am getting, etc for my 55. My 2217 should be coming in in a few days. SO Ill end up having a 2213 and a 2217 on my 55 gallon. Im hoping to get the 2217 from the swap n shop from this guy so I could just run 2 2217's but he said its pending so we'll see.

Filtration up the --> CHECK

Just sent out the money order for the 4 bags of Eco Complete for 90 shipped. 3 bags plus whatever I can scrimmage out of my tank of Eco should do and give me 3". If not, Ill always have a spare fourth bag.

SUbstarte --> CHECK

5lb Catalina CO2 tank ready to go. Within the next two weeks Ill be ordering a reg. from Rex along with that $20 dry fert combo he has. Im pretty sure that combo will suffice. Other than that I have to figure out how to connect the reg. to the tank. ><

Co2 --> ON THE WAY

Im ALMOST decided on what bulbs I want for my Coralife 4x65.
Im going to place two 9325k's in the back row and then I cant decide between 6,700 in the front or AH's 7,800. If anybody has some 7,800 comparisons Id love to see them.

Lighting --> TBC

I think that pretty much sums it up. After that I need to get some good tesk kits and then start stocking my tank. I was thinking of adding another peice of driftwood, Im just not sure as to what shape would compliment what I have now.

Instead of adding things 1 by 1 Im waiting till all of it arrives and then ALAKAZAM! Co2/Light
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Spare the trouble and only run 7800ks. It is going to lo0ok allmost the same no matter what.

6700 and 9235 will look like 8000k. Must as well just go with 7800k there
9234 and 7800k will be like 8200k. I say just run 7800ks and you will save on shipping!
FWIW I used 5 bags of eco in my 55.
FWIW I used 5 bags of eco in my 55.
I used 3 in my 29G. I would think 5 would be about right for a 55 as well.
Any other opinions on the lighting?

Good to see that you're researching and getting what you need...BUT.

55 gallon tank: 48.25x12.75" footprint.

Stick those numbers into the Planted Tank Substrate Calculator, what do you get?

Substrate Calculator said:
To achieve a depth of 3 inches in a tank 12.75 inches long and 48.25 wide, you will need to purchase 102 lbs of Eco-Complete .
5 bags total.
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Tek 4x54W T5HO.
Yeah thanks, but obviously you read that Im looking for bulbs not a fixture :icon_roll
About a year ago I believe
Plus I want to mix the 9325k's with something, just dont know if I should do 6700 or the white 7800's...Im leaning towards 7800
Hmmm, just checked average prices. Ill look into the Tek. I can easily sell my fixture for $150 or so, I think. :/ I dont know, we'll see.

Edit : I checked the model you recommended, cheapest I found it was $250, so no thanks. :(
Don't mix GE9325Ks. There is really no point to. The bulbs are great and will be best standing alone.

hey trace, did u get that co2 tank local? I trying to set up a pressurized co2 system but i don't know the best places to fill or get a new tank.
I actually got it of the bay. Great price. :)
the bay? u mean ebay?

btw, where do u go fill it up?
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