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I am currently getting stuff together for a 65gallon tank. I am putting it together a piece at a time and would like to hear some suggestions about useful hardware. The tank will be for Discus, of which I'm keeping a pair now and have been for a while.
I have some substrate together and I'm planning on either going with an all sand substrate and a layer of laterite / or a back area of something like eco=complete with a all sand and open foreground. I will be planting taller plants like swords or the really tall anubias in the back area with the foreground empty. What type of filter will stand up to sand and be good for a discus aquarium? I am going to be mixing ADA bright sand with Carib Sea's white sand, trying to get it to look more natural.
What would be a good lighting choice? I am trying to go fairly low tech for now but I might be adding pressurized CO2 at some point. How much lighting would I need to grow swords well without growing algae? I would like to keep the lighting costs around 150.00.
Any suggestions on an excellent heater for a large aquarium? I am think about an eheim 250 watt. Any help would be great I am still in a planning and thinking stage with this and will likely start a phot journal when I get to putting it all together. I just got an awesome cedar driftwood centerpiece from Old River Rat Driftwood, now I've gott' figure out how to sink this baby.
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