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I decided last night to rip out all of my plants, turn the soil over a few times, let things settle and then do a 90% water change.

Tonight I will do another 90% water change, and then add tons of hygrophilia or some other weed in copious amounts.

The substrate is eco-complete that I have been growing plants in for about a year.

My goal here is to get the tank back up and running without algae and then slowly replace the weeds with plants I actually want to keep.

I have never done this sort of approach before.. so I guess I am looking for advice from people that have done it..

I imagine the substrate was full of mulm, rotting roots, and other garbage so that when I stirred it up I released lots of crap into the water.

Hopefully after two water changes and vigorously turning over the soil I have a clean system to begin working with..
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