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Wow it's only been a little under 4 years since I last posted on here!


So three years ago my first foray into planted tanks, a 2 gallon shrimp bowl, crashed not long before I moved. Between the bowl cracking during the move, my last year of college, and work, I didn't really have time to start a new one up. But I got my hands on a 2.5g tank a while back and finally got around to starting again.

Here is the current set up. There's more images in the gallery over here. I'll mostly be sticking to only posting one image per update on this post, and spamming the rest over there.

On impulse I snagged a pot of dwarf hair grass, a pot of HC, and two pots of what I think are micro swords for 99c each at a pet supermarket. They were half dead/eaten when I got them, and I wish I had taken pictures of them pre planting, they were incredibly sad.

After some trimming and a couple weeks with dry start, the DHG and HC has perked up and the HC spread quite a bit. I only lost one of the two micro swords(?). After what at first looked like a complete die off the second started to grow back in very nicely. The above picture is actually after rearranging things after they'd been growing for about 3 weeks, so the amount of spread is less impressive looking than it was before. I started with about half that amount of HC.

Substrate is dirt and sand that was sourced from the mystery hoarding bucket of wonders that has been sitting under the empty tank for the last year. Do not remember where I got 90% of the things in it. Currently lit with a 5500k daylight CFL from home depot in a cheap IKEA lamp. Will probably replace later, but for now the plants are doing quite well with it.

Current and Planned Flora:
Hemianthus callitrichoides (in)
Dwarf hair grass (in)
Micro swords (pending ID) (in)
Anubias nana petite?

Planned Fauna:
5-10 Red Cherry Shrimp or maybe some other variety depending on what's available at LFS
A few Boraras Brigitae if I can find them
maybe a few kuhli loaches? I've seen posts recommending them for this size but also others saying it's too small. Also not sure if there'd be issues with how the tank is currently laid out re:floor space.

Definitely open to suggestions for plants and critters!
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