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Hi All,
I am starting out in the hobby again with a new 30x30x30 Nano tank that I want to aquascape, carpet "dry start" method then flood plant up and add shrimp to. I was just wondering what you guys thought to it so far and if you would be intrested in seeing daily images once I start planting. I will be adding a home made c02 system and filtration once the carpet has covered.

Carpet Tropical invitro (Micranthemum 'Monte carlo)
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AMZBD LED Aquarium Light
JBL Manado DARK 5 l, Dark natural substrate
JBL AquaBasis plus 5 l, Long-lasting nutrient substrate
TM Aquatix Aquarium Decoration Grey Mountain Rock
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Co2 Fire Extinguisher 2kg
Spiral CO2 Diffuser Atomizer Bubble Counter Regulator
Rectangle Water Gas Glass Display case

Computer keyboard Output device Office equipment Space bar Automotive design

Rectangle Grey Gas Glass Art

Wood Interior design Floor Cabinetry Automotive design
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