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Starting co2 on a ph of 7

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For some reason my ph is lower than it used to be. Im about to setup my first pressurized co2, but i dont want to drop my ph to low, what could i add to increase my ph (rocks,plants,) dont want to mess with chemicsls
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pH drop caused by CO2 won't harm fish and plants. For some time I've got pH=6,6 and after adding CO2 it was dropping to pH=5,6 no problems at all. Don't worry about it. It's worse to mess with pH by adding chemicals than letting it drop by CO2.
River water in nature have pH around 5.5, not to mention black water river.

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I believe pH drop from c02 can harm fish/plants, it just depends on where you start at, how much c02 used, and how low it drops over the day.
Some fish species appreciate acidity to an extent, some don't, and plants ability to access nutrients can also be negatively affected.

I'm not sure which rocks are best for pH buffering. But remember the c02 creates acidity only while it's running and goes back to normal (I believe) when it's turned off over night.

Adding alkaline decor may create an alkaline environment so you may want to experiment slowly, depending on what fish you keep.

River water in nature have pH around 5.5, not to mention black water river.

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All rivers are 5.5? There's huge variation. In that variation comes waterbodies with fish and plants, some without, and everything in between. Nature is varied, just like what is feasible in an unadulterated aquarium.
Many plants won't live in a natural black water lake/river due to lack of light penetration.
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Thanks for the help, im a noob to ferts, co2 etc.
Mine drops from about 6.5 to 5.5-5.6 when my co2 is running. My fish and shrimp seem fine.
Co2 caused ph drops aren't usually an issue for fish. I think it has to do with the fact that hardness and other parameters are not changing, and a negative (as in bad, not drop) ph change would be caused by adding minerals that shock a fish's system.
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