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starting an LED build

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Really hate to start another LED thread, i know there are a ton of them on here. Im doing a 60g DIY build and thought i would enlist some help here.

Link to tank journal

Post #13 & 14 are my lighting idea
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Plan on using warm white (5000k-6500k), cool white (10000k) and 460nm moonlights. If I did my math right, its been a while since I had to do any trig, 40 degree optics would give me a 16 inch footprint @23 inches above substrate. So my idea is:

------front of tank------
Row of 5 warm white LED with 40 degree optics (dimming)

Row of 3 cool white LED with no optics, using for mid-day burst lighting (standard)

Row of 5 warm white LED with 40 degree optics(dimming)
-------back of tank------

Planning on mixing some moonlights in there, maybe on the center bar.

"shopping list":
48" 2x2 aluminum bars for heat sink, x3
3w warm white LED, x10
3w or 5w cool white LED, x3
460nm moonlight LED, x4 maybe 6
Dimmable drivers for warm white, x2
Standard driver for cool white
Haven't decided on driver for moonlight dimmable/not
40 degree optics, x10

I want to run the warm LED s on a programmer that will ramp up the leds starting a around 0830 to full power around 1100 and back down/off around 1500 and second bar from 1000, full power at 1230 and down/off about 1900. Cool whites will be mid-day burst from 1200-1400. Moonights from 1 hour before on and 1-2 hours before off until 2200. Thoughts and or suggestions?
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For that number of LED's, check out the wired Buckpucks from LEDsupply. You can run from 2-6 LED's on each one, they are very small (only about 3/4" square) and the dimmable driver is only about $2 more than non-dimmable. You can get them with pots if you want or without pots so you can control them using a 0-10V controller. Also they come in 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, and 1000mA versions depending on what your LED's can handle. here is a link to the buckpucks.

I use the 350mA for my moonlights, and the 700mA or 1000mA for my daylight LED's. For the extra $2, I would suggest getting dimmable for everything. It can't hurt to have that extra level of control.
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