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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking about starting a nano tank one of these days. I have a 1.5 gallon tetra tank and i saw a video on youtube of how someone took of the old lights replaced them with better lights and then took off the rim and made the tank look snazy! Anyways there are a few questions i have on setting up the tank. First is plants. I want to use a substrate mix of miracle grow organic choice potting soil and clay. I'm also open to using sand aswell but i don't have much of it. Dustins fishtanks on youtube shows how Dustin uses dirt and clay for his planted tanks and no co2 and makes them look beautiful from the organic nutrients and minerals that are in the soil and clay. I really want to start a nano tank because i love watching shrimp and snails, and i like the idea of a small planted tank. I would like some suggestions on the plants and livestock i would want for the tank too. I want some mosses and smaller foreground plants. I also would probably put some stones from my yard in there to complement the mosses. I really want it to look good and invest a lot of time into setting it up and making sure everything is correct. Some items i was going to purchase for it is..... ... 709&sr=8-1 ... f_se_shvl3 ... roduct_top ... 75&sr=8-70

I figured a 13 watt would be enough light but i'm worrying if that would be too much light, and if there is an alternative. Also for livestock i probably want to put some ghost shrimp or Japanese algae eating shrimp. I would like to put 6-8 shrimp and then have a netrite snail or 2 for the glass and too prevent any algae that may form from the excessive light and window. I was also wondering if i could put a few 4-5 of he feeder guppies in there because they're so small that they probably barely produce much to the bio-load plus there only 10 cents and i would like to give them a shot because they are very small and pretty fishes that would add some action to the tank and would just help complement the shrimp and alll of the plants and would look really nice. I want my tank to look like.... ... eBw&zoom=1

I also wonder about plants and if they would require co2 because i know how to make a DIY co2 system. Also would i want to do fertilization, and what percent water changes would i want to do? Also how long would i want to leave the light on?

Sorry for so many questions but i really want to set up a nice looking tank and you guys and girls are a big help and have some good information to share and lots of experience.

Thanks, Braden/Fishguy8558
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