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Starting a low-tech 38 gallon

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I've been battling BGA in my tank for months because I have too much light and no C02, so I've decided to go low-tech. I am going to be using a 60 watt NO strip light, which will give me 1.57wpg. I am going to purchase some Soilmaster Select for substrate, with a layer of peat underneath.

The plants that I have now are dwarf sag, rotala indica & rotundifolia, green hygro, and jungle val. I have some more rotala and green hygro on the way, so that should give me plenty of fast growing stem plants to start out with. The only plant I'm worried about is the dwarf sag, because the tank is too deep for the light to penetrate to the bottom. Is there any way to fix this without getting a new light? I am also going to try and find some anubias nana, cryptocorynes, crinum natans, giant hygro, hemianthus micranthemoides, ludwigia repens, e.tennellus, and limnophilla sessiflora. Do these plants sound alright?

I have an anubias nana growing on some driftwood right now and it is getting pretty big, with new leaves every couple of days. How do you seperate it? I also have some cryptocoryne wendtii red that is getting pretty thick, can I seperate that as well?

Thanks for any help :)
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low tech 38

Anubius can be seperated using a very sharp shears on the rhysome,other wise it will rot at cut and slow down growth.crypts can be seperated at roots with care and replanted.use EXCELL and you won't have black beard algae.just make sure you get rid of algae that is there first.i use a allglass 110 watt compact on my 55's and works great. regards, cornhusker:smile:
I would suggest putting more nutrients in the soil for the new setup. Try the plant tabs, they are cheap and effective! good advice on the anubias :)
Nice plant list, too. I think most of those will do pretty well.

What brand of light are you getting? Is it a single bulb, T12?
Thanks for the help. I'm on my fourth day of a blackout right now so hopefully most of the BGA will be gone. I have a dual-tube strip light that holds 2 30 watt bulbs, the bulbs that I have in there now are the Coralife Nutri-Grow bulbs Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting: Coralife Nutri Grow Plant Lamp

I don't think I will try to split the anubias then, because the roots are securely wrapped around the driftwood. I do have some flourish tabs that I will be putting under the jungle val and crypts.
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