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Starting a 20g NPT

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In the next few months I'll be starting a NPT. I plan on using miracle grow organic soil and Seachem flourite. I'd like some suggestions for plants and lighting. I'd like to use no more than 1.5 watts per gallon. I do plan on light dry fert dosing but no co2 injection.

This will end up being an RCS tank. I'd like to have a carpet plant. What are good low light hardy plants that can be used as carpets? I'd like to grow the carpet out emersed at first then go submersed.

Also, what other low light plants would you suggest for a tank of this size?

I also plan on using a fluval 205 which I will be adding to my 26g bow front tank to seed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Fresh Fish Freak
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E. tenellus, Marselia minuta, and dwarf sag can carpet even in low light.

Hygros, Bacopa, Rotala indica, Ludwigia repens, Hydrocoytle leucocephala would be some good stems.

Mosses, ferns, anubias, and crypts are prime candidates.
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