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Home for a bit, taking a break off school.

I also accept Doge Coins! PM for details.

RRF still in stock but everything else is done

Also I have some shrimp snowflake samples up for grabs. 2grams for 3 dollars. + first class shipping. * not sure if I can do envelope....*

I've got some red root floaters, the tops are still green but the roots are red.

5 plants for 4 dollars

Water Sprite starters, These are pieces that have grown roots and are either floating in my tank or can be removed from the plant and be replanted.
I like this plant because it doesn't really spread, it needs to be replanted.
50 cents each for a small one
2 dollars for a good size.

Mixed moss.... Java ,peacock ,flame, Taiwan, subwassertang, 5 dollars.

The noob friendly starter package!
Great for people getting started with plants. These plants are very hardy and don't need Co2. I think I have enough to put together 3 packages. As always I give generous portions so you may get more than the listed amounts per plant.
x3 ludwigia x arcuata

x3 Myriophyllum mattogrossense

x2 RRF so about 10 plants

x3 Guppy grass

A fist sized portion of Mixed moss * i have big hands*

x3 Dwarf Sag

x5 Giant Baby Tears

x2 Watersprite

I'll see if I can throw in some bonuses too.
All for $35 shipped. *prices may vary due to shipping because I need to figure out what size box would work the best. This price is based off a medium sized box. I will try to make shipping cheaper if possible this will be via priority mail*

Alternatively if you want to spend less on shipping... I can do first class for probably 28 shipped. I'll make sure it is packed very well and the plants will be secure.

If you would like anything from the package without getting the whole thing let me know and I can try to work something out.

Myrio Green.

Ludawiga x Arcuata

Red Root Floaters

Giant baby tears in a wad

My tank

Shipping first class + PP fee's starts at 3 but I need to calculate it if combined with other items.
Shipping it flat rate small is $6.50
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