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Hi folks, I have been dreaming for a long time about setting up a planted tank. Finally got the chance to setup one.
There was a old jbj nano (7 to 8 gallon) tank at the corner of my garage from my saltwater aquarium days. That was the perfect tank to start the hobby with.
Got a co2 setup online and bought chihiros rgb nano light and and an eheim canister filter from amazon.
My scape and setup kind of look childish. But this the best I could do without any experience. Here are some pictures.

Hardscape, as best as I can do.

Wood Twig Trunk Art Driftwood

Day 1 - Right after finishing the planting:
Plants are monte carlo and dwarf hair grass in the front and side. A plant similar to Alternanthera Reineckii Mini in the background. Some anubias petite on the drift wood.

Plant Wood Trunk Grass Bonsai

Day 3:

Plant Window Leaf Branch Rectangle

Some algae started to show up on the wood in the form of fluffy cotton layer as you can see in this photo:

Flower Plant Wood Branch Twig
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