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I started dosing my 7 gallon tank with greg watson fert, by using the recomended dosage ratings from the Chucks planted tank calculator program.

Its been almost 3 weeks and i have seen an increase amount in hair or brush algae, i dont really know what the difference is, its just long thin strands of green algae, but its not bunched up together.

Also experienceing i think staghorn algae, it looks like brown stiff spikes/thorns growing out of my plants stem and leaves.

Since the outbreak i trimmed away all plants that had any algae, reduced light, and reduced my dosage by about 50%.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of algae?

I have 27W light for the 7 gallon on about 8-9hrs perday.
And using DIY CO2 with a 2L and 3L pop bottles hooked together to a nano diffuser. dropchecker is always green at 4kh and yellow over night.
Tank is stocked with about 15 red crystal shrimp and 3 otos, and they dont seem to be doing much in controlling my algae.

So any suggestions?
heres a pic of the thread or beard algae comming off the fissidens on my driftwood.

and a pic of the black throny algae on the back plant with the rounded leaves.
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