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I am starting a new 20gl long freshwater tank and I need some help. I want to give my tank a very natural look with lots of driftwood and plants. My question is, is there a selection of plants that would look great together and that would cost around $20? I want a clean natural look with no plants hanging out of the tank, just inside the tank. Any input helps here, I have a few days to think this though.

Thank you.
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That particular tank seems to do well/w two 10.5" brooder type lamps for the inexpensive lighting selection route. Using 13Wx 6500K CFL bulbs. You can just place a couple of bookshelf brackets on the wall behind it to suspend them for a better look than clamping them on the top rim. This I have not used but/w the hanging kit you can adjust how much gets to the plants so it should be a very good T5 set up for that tank.
The one bulb Solarmax.
Or the Stingray for an inexpensive correct level LED. That would make the colors work
for you BTW. Not all white bulbs like some cheap LED fixtures.
On plants however that price you mentioned will likely not work. Plants are about 3-$5
for the inexpensive ones and close to that for the bunch type which should be separated and since those bunches contain about 6-8 stems it will cover a bigger aria
than any single type plant will.
I'd look in the gallery and look at that same size tank to see what other people use.
When you find any picture which has a plant you like right clic and choose "Copy image
location" and paste it in a thread to get someone to identify it for you.
Without getting into the more expensive plants and injected CO2 that tank size is
harder to buy plants for because of how low it is. Most plants just get too big for it.
This one is not expensive and doesn't look bad when trimmed.
The first thread in the low tech part of the forum is a list of plants that will grow in low light. But I'd put a question on any to see what people say is how tall they get first.
A question in the plant section that is. This site seems to be willing to ship USPS so $7 for the shipping.
Crypt Petchii get only about 4.5" tall so it works well in that size tank.
They don't need as much light as the Parva which also stays small.
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