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Standard FugeRay or FugeRay-R for 10" cube

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Looking to buy the 4.5g Deep Blue 10"x10"x10" rimless cube tank and was wondering if I should grab the regular 10" FugeRay or the FugeRay-R clip-on light.

It seems like I'll get more light with the FugeRay-R (according to the PAR charts). I plan on having a low-tech setup with non-demanding plants. However, I do want some sort of carpet and was thinking of DHG or staurogyne.

Any experience? I've searched and found a few people with a similar setup, but no follow-ups or conclusions on the light.

For the record, I have a 5.5g standard tank with a 16" FugeRay and it's perfect; but it could possibly be a tiny bit dimmer.
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I think low tech and DHG may not work out all that well. I used a 10" fugeray on a 3G for a while but it wasn't giving me the light I wanted so I bumped it up to a 12" which is similar in output to the ray r. I was using CO2 though. Just food for thought.
My girlfriend has a 20" regular FugeRay on her 20" deep cube and the DHG is growing great, albeit a bit tall. I'm leaning towards the FugeRay-R, the 10" FugeRay seems pretty wimpy.
Yeah the 10" is sort of weakish. You might want to consider the 12" since it will fit a 10" tank no problem with or without the legs and if you decided to ever go up a size tank to a 30c then it will transfer over just fine.
I use the Fugeray-R in my 5.5 g (photo on my profile page). Mine sits about 11 inches from the substrate and I grown staurogyne at a slow but healthy pace. I will say if you are looking to do hairgrass maybe look into another light, this provides medium at best in my tank. It has proven to be great for moss, crypts., staurogyne, anubias, and rotalas/stems. If you are not using co2, good light as well.
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