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Stand top question

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So getting a closer look on the metal stand there are some minor spots that are giving me a little concern...

There are some minor things that I am not worried about, like little bumps etc that will be hidden under polystyrene.

The main concern is one post in the middle seems to be off a little. As in when I take a straight edge from the middle to one end there is about a 2mm negative deflection.

If I put down half inch polystyrene and then say 1/2 inch plywood on top of that do you think it will level out the whole top? Or do I need to do a little modification?

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The polystyrene 'gasket' isn't going to help. The plywood will deform to fill the void. I'd think a steel shim might work better. Tack it on or use liquid nails. Then hit it with a grinder to feather out the edges. No one will see it under the plywood.
After thought, a piece of fiber glass (think Fiber glass repair kit AutoZone) should work too. Again lay it on the low spot, grind smooth.
Good idea!

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