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Okay guys help me out here. I've searched through the site and I can't find any thread with my situation.

I have a 55 gallon with 96 watts of CF over it.No CO2 of any kind. It has a gravel substrate and mostly low light type plants with a few fast growers. Its been up and running for close to a year.

Mostly crypts and anabuis with some Val,and African Ferns. Fast growers being OakLeaf Watersprite that is floating, Brazilian Pennywort which is anchored, and a few stems of Wisteria.

I've always dosed 5ml of flourish 3 times a week. Then I saw the staghorn and thought I read that it was due to low nitrates. My AP test said 10 ppm but I added a 1/2 tsp of KNO3 to make sure it was atleast 10ppm knowing that if it turned out to be 20ppm after the dose that it was still in the safe range. I also added some KSO4 due to some leaf holes I thought might be due to K deficency.

The stag is growing on my African fern which is on the tanks bottom and sits between 2 AC 70s so I don't think the water flow is low in that spot. Its also on one of my crypts whose leaves are long and in the ACs flow path, they are close to the tanks top. I also see it on anabuis. But what really blows my mind is that its on the fast growers too. The brazilian pennywort has it and it looks to be starting on the wisteria.

I do 50% weekly pwcs. Excel is on its way as I use it in my 75 gallon tank which is all fast growers with EI dosing and no algae.

I'll appreciate any feedback. I don't plan on going pressurized, thats why I went low light and with mostly crypts in this tank.
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For some reason it won't let me edit but I wanted to throw in the lights stay on for 12 hours and the one thing I've read over and over is to lower the lights time so they have been put on a timer to run only 8 hours for now until i get it under control.
definately control the lights. less than or equal to 8 hours is a must. i had staghorn algae way back when and in order to get it under control, i had to up the co2. i am aware that you are trying to stay away from pressurized, but i think it might be the only SURE cure. i had to overdose excel for a couple of weeks and do MAJOR trims as SOON as i saw more of the staghorn arrise. i eventually got rid of all of it and bought a pressurized system. i haven't seen it since. just my two cents. if anyone else has a better suggestion, please chime in.
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