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Dear friends,
after a month or so with a clean tank here they go again:

This is despite weekly reconstituted RO water 20-30% changes and good values also testified by good plant grow and several healthy and thriving T. Espeii litters growing up.

Current values are:

Temp 27.5-28-5
pH 6.58
EC 570
GH 6
KH 2
NO3 12.5
PO4 0.2 (usually keep it around 0.5)
Fe 0.1 (usually keep it slighty higher at .02)

In the past I went with high dose (40ml in 125 liters net) of EasyCarbo (glut) which does kill them but also does a little damage to some plants (and killed my Vallisneria) and I am not sure I can keep on doing this to control them.

I also see some very rare BBA which stay put in very small spots on Anubias mostly but never grow.

I also see a very faint green algae film on the glass taking several weeks to become barely noticeable (mostly see it on the white sponge I use to clean the glass with).

Would a UV lamp inline on the external filter help noticeably?

Any ideas very welcome.

Thank you in advance

Any other idea

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