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Staghorn keeps reappearing

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Why oh why do I keep getting Staghorn in my tank!

200L Tank
Co2 with indicator green
70% planted tank
50% water change weekly
Fertilizer 1ML every 2 days
Hoover carpet with every water change
PH 6.7
Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
nitrate 10ppm
Chihiros WRGB2 7hours light

What am I doing wrong?
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Sorrt about that! apt complete
Sorrt about that! apt complete
Don't know what to tell you. In my experience, Staghorn Algae is caused by overdosing Micro nutrients, specifically I believe Iron is at fault here. The APT complete is a Macro and Micro mixed fertilizer, which you are dosing way below the recommend level so it doesn't seem like you are overdosing. Could it be that your tap water is rich in Iron?
I am using an RO and then adding minerals to it. I had started with the recommended dose which was like 5ml daily but then i dropped it to 1ml on alternate days as I was getting green dust on my glass. I cant figure out why on earth I am getting staghorn.

Could it be the 7hrs of wrgb2 light? Will dropping it down 1hr make a difference?
The best advice I've gotten and followed is to focus on plant health, not algae. If your plants are struggling with too little fertilization, they will leach ammonia and turn into algae magnets. If your co2 is on point, your light isn't too high or on for too long, and your fertilizers are in a reasonable zone, you may still get some algae as your tank balances (it's still pretty new, yes?). Just keep on keepin' on with good maintenance and be patient.

Now, whether or not you are dialed in on light, co2 and ferts is difficult to say without a lot more information.
What more information do you need?
Your lighting sets the tone. If you're pumping a lot of light in there, you need co2 and fertilizers at a level to support that. I don't have any experience with your light - is it on max? can you get PAR data for it, or do you have access to a PAR meter?

If your light is on max (i.e., you're not using a dimmer), it sounds like you may be in a high light, low fertilizer situation. It's a common knee-jerk reaction to cut your fertilizers when you start seeing algae, but that will probably just make your issues worse, as your plants will begin to suffer, leach ammonia, and cause more algae.

Have you measured your pH drop from fully degassed to fully co2-infused tank water? What's your dKH?

What are your actual weekly dosing levels of macro nutrients and iron?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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