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Square Tanks?

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Why is the ADA 45-C Cube Garden So Expensive?

I am wanting to start over and buy a new tank, I was looking at the cube gardens and noticed that the 45-C is $230.00 and the 55C is double that.
Why is there a huge jump from the 30-C to 45-C in price?

It seems that ADA tanks use pretty thin glass. Does anyone know of any other similar square tanks for sale and cheaper?

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not sure about other sizes but I do know oceanic has a 30 gal cube that I saw at petsmart(at least I think it was petsmart) . I don't remember the price but I remember thinking it wasn't bad.
Hmm thanks Rob, I'll look into that.
Hmm thanks Rob, I'll look into that.

No problem. I was actually at a different petsmart today(for dog training but I always end up in the fish stuff) and I saw some larger sized tanks that although aren't "cube" are more so than the normal rectangular 10, 29, 55 gal etc.
Were they rimless?
I dont think I've ever seen a rimless tank at a Petsmart.
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