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Spyke's 5.5 gallon Cherry Shrimp Farm

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So, I started this shrimp tank in about may or june, and I got a little bit of the invert bug, but like i said...just a little. So it was bare bottom, with just 11 or so ghost shrimp...which half of them were berried...and after a few months...i had 1 survive...yaay!
During that time i bought a group of cherry shrimp and added some argonite sand(bad idea) but it still worked fine...and they bred and i started getting quite the little colony, I also bought another group of them on aquabid to mix up the blood line, and they were doing great, till i started to get lazy and not do my water changes, so i probably lost 20 or more...
so eventually i started to clean it up, i put flora max substrate in it and moved and mixed plants around, till i came up with my last scape....which is now making the shrimp here's the data for my success now.

plants: javamoss,crypt undulata(small runner), water wysteria, najas grass.
substrate: floramax
layout materials:beach pebbles, ?tree roots driftwood
water: 25% tap, 75%RO, w hagen shrimp mineral supplement
food: hikari shrimp food, rootmedic shrimp mix, hikari algae wafers
inhabitants: 50+ cherry skrimps, 6+(and growing) brown/red ramshorn snails

I also don't have a very good chronological set of photos for the progress of this tank, but i have a few.
there will be more shrimp tanks to come, cuz now i'm bitten by the bug, so soon i hope to get an ebi, and set up another 10, or just add a bunch more inverts to all my planted tanks.
so njoy, and hopefully there will be more to come.


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Grats on your colony surviving. Keeping everything stable is #1's an unnamed tree(i just don't know) roots...i have the fortune of living not 2 minutes from a river and creek so i have unlimited driftwood, rocks, and even missouri native fish to my disposal. and they have these great turns and twists in the roots, it's great for being free, but usually anything bigger, you need a saw if you want it, cuz it's usually still attached to a tree....
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