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Spring in the North west gotta love it.

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Just some pics of spring flowers moving right along here in Oregon.


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Must be nice nothing coming up in the midwest yet
Its coming well if winter will never let you all go =) i couldnt handle not having mild weather all year. Jist the short cold spell this winter was about all i could take and that was to much for me.
Definitely a little envy here in N.E. Pa. too. Still can't get to get to garden shed! This winter's been one for the record books here for sure. Beautiful flowers! I have my fingers crossed to see what survives this year. Enjoy what looks like a gorgeous spring!
It's going to be at least 6 more weeks before I can snap any pics like that!
Have some peach and plum blossoms :3
Oh, and my favorite, a daffodil

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