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Spot Treatment Explanation

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I see many posts that say they "spot treated" their algae issue. How does one spot treat (using syringe or what)? Or is that just another term for just dosing the entire tank?
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Spot treating generally means squirting a small amount of whatever, directly onto affected areas. Lots of people use a syringe. I found H2O2 in a small spray bottle at Wal-mart. I just stick that down in the tank and spray it on.
Spot treating refers to using a syringe to store some type of chemical (usually excel, or peroxide) and then squirt it very slowly directly onto the algae underwater.

Do not take plants out of the water and apply chemicals to them, this will often damage the plants.

Dosing the water column is not the same thing as spot treating.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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