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sponge filter with powehead and co2 plumbed into it

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So i was going to run my co2 line into a power head to diffuse it better than my crappy ceramic difusser does but that means one more piece of equipment in my tank, not ideal.

Has anyone ever plumbed the co2 line onto a sponge filter where the air line would normally go and then it would travel into the power head and diffuse it?

Or would it create some weird vacuum issue withe the co2 regulator and needle valve having the suction of the powerhead pulling on it?

So i'd still have the sponge filter for filtration and a difusser for my co2 all in one.
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i have a simular setup

power head upside down long tube and a sponge filter at top
sucks in my c02 uses a rex design to pull the water and break up the co2 the powerhead is just pulling the water all around
is yours attached to where the air line would normally go on the sponge filter to create the flow for the filter to work? or is the co2 dispersed under the sponger filter and it's just sucking up the bubbles and diffusing them with the powerhead
i run mine in the top intake under the sponge filter

old pict but you can see it in tank
nows has a filter screen on the bottem l103 wanted to cave in there

older shot but u can see it better here
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Got it hooked up. Every time a bubble passes through you can hear it. Bubbles are way smaller than my crappy diffuser. They float around and stay suspended for a while. Crappy part is you can see them. I should put a small piece of foam in the outtake to hold the bubbles a little to soak into the water.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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