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Sponge filter question

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Hey guys,

Currently in my 2.5gallon I have a TOM's internal, and while it is small, it is difficult to place it correctly with my scape, shrimp can get behind it and sometimes not get out, its just not working out for me...I want to swap to a sponge but have a few questions.

1 - How do you clean it and not lose your bio helpers? I wouldn't gain anything space wise if I had to use a double sponge filter so that is kind of out.

2 - How do I introduce the new filter and not ruin the cycle of my tank? my thought was I would have to run both for a while? It just made me think it would take a while because the bio load is small, just 6 very nice painted fire reds, and 6 very nice SS crystal reds and some plants/moss/cholla wood scape.

I plan on going with a small powerhead
180 180 gph 4 1-1/4" x 3-1/4" x 2-3/8" high adjustable rate, and then attach that to the sponge filter to keep everything in the tank, my only reason for this was because I have yet to find someone say they have an airpump that is quiet, and this tank is on my night stand...any suggestions?

I am about to setup a Fluval EBI to take place of this tank, I plan on using the same sponge in it, so as to only have to do one full cycle, I will scape the ebi, and let it sit unfilled until I "seed" this sponge in the 2.5, and then move it over and let it mini cycle, and add the substrate from the 2.5 to the ebi...same fluval shrimp stratum, which should cut down cycle time alot

I'm open to all suggestions, my goal is small and unobtrusive, and most of all quiet
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It seems that you're wanting to change filters and then change tanks? If you plan on only using your new sponge filter and not the Fluval filter I'd start running the new filter in the old tank with the TOM filter and move it after a few weeks when you move the livestock. The EBI comes with a filter tho, why not just move the TOM filter over for a few weeks, running both for a little while, and not spend money on making the sponge filter?
the fluval filter has a very strong current, I have one in a 10 gallon, if you try to turn the current down it is pretty noisy is why I don't plan to use it Ckarr

Thanks for everyones replies
I split up filters (literally cut up sponges or tear apart floss) whenever I change out any of the media just to be on the safe side (regarding beneficial bacteria). As a result, the filter media on all my filters is Frankenstein'd. It all works fine, but almost no single filter media is in its original form (or one piece).
There are dual sponge filters than you can buy. That way you can clean one sponge filter at a certain time and 2 weeks later clean the other one. This way you'll never be without some sort of bio and mechanical filter. You idea with seeding the sponge filter in your currently set up tank is the way to go.
Set up your Ebi, pour some of the 'dirty' water from the canister into the Ebi (this'll help to seed this tank) as you seed the sponge filter. Then give it a month and you should be able to move everything over into the Ebi (this time frame is dependent on what type of substrate you are using).

I have a rio and it's pretty quiet, but the output of it can not beat my Tetradeep.I'm currently usign a Tetra deep 300 because I'm runnning a few different air operated items (5 dual sponge filters and a satellite breeder).

The dual sponge filter looks like this:
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