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I used to have sponge filters but they are a bit too bulky for my current setups. Too much noise and too much real estate is taken up for not enough gain. For me, the best filters are aquaclear which still oxygenate the water fairly well and are extremely quiet. Get a nice oversized one and it will do a better job than almost anything on the market....very easy to clean too. My baby shrimp are non stop hanging out on the huge amounts of fissidens that I have all over the driftwood so having a sponge filter for the extra grazing area isn't worth it either.

I went through a shrimp faze not too long ago but realized that doing less while having stable parameters is the best thing for your shrimp. I literally cannot keep my PFR from breeding. I've even stopped using Prime to dechlorinate hoping that they slow down but that had no effects. lol

1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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