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hey everybody, i was reading around and i see different opinions about sponges. like i have had my sponge that came with my aquaclear 50 since around july and every now and then i just rinse them in my tank water when i do a water change. will that last or should i switch it? i also still have the old carbon and im not sure what its called but it came with the aquaclear 50 its like white pieces in a mesh bag. i stil have those in my filter should i change them one by one so it doesnt cause a mini cycle? i also heard that cotton pads are better than sponges? is that true? can you use any cotton or does it have to be meant for the aquarium. thanks in advanced.
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Keep rinsing the sponge out in your tank water during water changes when needed. This will keep it seeded.
As long as the sponge isnt falling apart it'll be fine.

The carbon bag will lose its effectiveness after about a month so it can be replaced or even left out. Alot of people just use a bag filled with Purigen, as its reusable.

The cotton you refer to is a poly fiber type batting/pillow stuffing that comes in a loose form or rolls (Available in most Walmarts fabrics area). You could use this as your top layer in your Aquaclear, and just discard it or rinse the same as your sponge insert as needed.
Just make sure you buy a poly batting that doesnt include a mold guard added.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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