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Split light cycle?

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Has anyone tried this with a low tech setup? I was thinking 4hrs on 3hrs off 4 hrs on. My main reason for this thinking is because the main thing "lacking" is CO2 injection in low tech. So having a down time in theory will replenish and provide more CO2 for the plants vs just 8 hrs straight where the CO2 may be used up?

Other benefits could possibly be algae control?

One con may be plants "work" harder? Do plants require any resource from changing back and forth from photosynthetic form?

Anyone have any input on this?
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I do this everyday. I work multiple jobs so the light is really only on when I'm actually at home to enjoy the tanks. So it's on for a couple hours then off, so on and so on.

I can tell when I've had it on for a couple of hours or I forget to turn it off before I leave because I'll see a small increase in algae.
I split my lights when I had a small algae issue. I then Google'd "siesta aquarium" and found out that it does absolutely nothing to control algae. I now just sit back and enjoy my split photo period. 12:30-11:00 pm with 2 hr siesta in between.
Interesting. Will do some reading on siesta.
I did this to reduce the heat build up in the summer. 3-4 hour break in the hottest part of the day kept the tanks several degrees cooler.

The first year I did see less algae. I cannot say it was just because of the siesta, though. Other maintenance procedures may have done something.

The following year I did not see a difference in algae.
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