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Split Cube

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Welcome to my newest project: A divided Biocube 8. My intention is to have my two male bettas in one tank by dividing the tank with craft mesh and covering the top of the display area so the bettas cannot jump between the two halves. So far I've siliconed in the my divider and have fitted the top to the display. More to come as I aquascape and fill the tank.

Closed Tank

Divided tank

Tank with mesh lid over display area

Let me know what you think. I know my idea is pretty bold and I will need to be cautious at all time having these two fish in close proximity to each other.​
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Personally I wouod change that divider from black to almost invisible fishing line ( diy plastic frame with lots of small drilled holes and fishing line) and I'd plant there a java moss to make a moss wall.
That black colour will be visible for a long time and it will make your tank smaller than it is.
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