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Spider Webs in my tank

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Hey there everyone. I have a question for everyone. I have somethings that look like spiderwebs on my plants and driftwood. I have no idea what it is and I have tried to take some pictures of it but they dont show up. Any ideas what it is please tell me thanks

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Fungus probably. From decaying organic matter usually.
Thats I have no idea what it could be thats why Im asking on here. I clean my tank once a week with cleaning up dead leafs and so. I dont think its water spiders my fish are pigs and would eat it if it was. There was once a house fly fell in the water it only laster about 10 sec before it was gone and ripped up by them fighting over it.
Its that stringy Algae that flows with that Current, and Annoying. Forgot what Algae is it. But its easily removed
Use the search function for spider webs
Yeah just moving a finger next to it and it sticks to you just like a spider web. I remove it and then I find more. I want to get to the root of it just not keep on wipping it off. Also find out what it could be.
does it look like this?
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Wow. Holy SHt Looks like a ghost town dude
Thats it but not that bad. That tank looks like its ready for holloween.
does it look like this?
What the H*LL is that????:icon_eek:
Thats mine is starting to look kind of cool. I have alot of it in front of my CO2 reactor so it has all of these little bubbles on them. I could take a picture of it now with the bubbles on it so you can see where it is. But if it wasnt for the bubbles you cant see it with a camera.
It must be yeast gunk. I'm assuming you have a DIY CO2 mixture?
No I have pressurized system.
Mine could have been a number of things, it was a new tank, so new everything, substrate, equipment, and that piece of driftwood. I was also getting some reoccurance during water changes but this would usually disappear after 30 minutes, not really sure what it was, its possible it was the water ager, i believe i was using a nutrifin conditioner at the time...
That looks so weird i have never seen that before o_O . I had a white fungus before but it didnt look like that.
It is probably staghorn algae.
mine was not staghorn algae, it was most probably a release of organic matter form the driftwood which resulted in a fungus like apparition, it was thick and got tangled with the oxygen bubbles form a freshly filled aquarium, Anyway i hoped my explaination and pictures helped you Madfish, not that i really have an answer :D
I had that before:

It happened right after a water change with some excel. Went away in a day, though. pretty sure it was just dead algae sticking to itself and then getting eaten by my dwarf gourami (he loved it).
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Yeah it looked like that. Thanks for the other picture. Well Im glad that Im not the only one to have that. It gone now and I hope that it never comes back.
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