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Speed Racer's 2.5 gallon dirty tank *First Planted Tank*

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After throwing in random plants into my aquarium with very mixed success, I have decided to try a properly planted tank. I have been reading up a lot on low-maintenance planted tanks, and was intrigued by the dirt tank method. Being a newbie, it seemed pretty easy but what really sold me was cost.

2 pounds of white sand cap - ~3.50
1 bag of cheapo soil - 2.00

5 dollars versus nearly 20....and I can get it now?

Sold. :)

The tank is a 2.5 gallon AGA from a friend. Filtration will be from the Tetra Whisper 3i air driven filter I packed full of sponges. Lighting will be provided by a 13 watt CFL plant bulb via a desk lamp. I plan on keeping it low-tech, but I might add some very simple DIY CO2 in the future.


- I literally have no idea. We will see what I pick up tomorrow from the shop. It will all be low to medium light plants.


-One crowntail betta named Hamlet

Pics will be posted tomorrow!