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special plant issue

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The December issue of Freshwater and Marine aquarium magazine is out now, and the whole issue is dedicated to plants! It also has several contributors that you know from this and other forums.

First, Jason Baliban has the cover photo!
Tom Barr has a feature on his 'dry method" of growing plants,
Diana Walstad has a fresh new article on NPTs,
I have a feature article on aquascaping with wood and plants with another photo by Jason Baliban, and my Planted Tank column features photos from our own Adam Martin, (legomaniac) and Jeff Pogrob, (Houseofcards)

In addition, every other columnist in the magazine offers their own perspective on aquatic plants, and there is even a great article on salt water macro algaes.

FAMA magazine, December 2009
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Sweet! Now I've gotta find me a copy of it ;)
Yes, they do. This is the first article I have seen in a magazine by Tom Barr. I really enjoyed reading it. It was much easier to read than the stuff on his web site! I liked Dianas article too. Her mini nano glass bowl gardens were interesting.
Wow they don't sell them at our petco or petsmart, but they do at the bookstore. Gonna have to tomorrow to pick one up.
I don't think it will be at the bookstores for another week or two. Usually it gets sent to subscribers before it hits the bookstores. I checked our local Barnes & Noble today and they still had the previous issue.
I guess it depends on your area because petco and petsmart have FAMA here. Genes right, it may be a bit early for them to be in stores. Its also my farwell issue as in January I move to TFH
I just picked up the December issue today at Barns & Noble. Presumably it is available elsewhere as well.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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