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Here's my spec V red cherry shrimp tank, feel free to leave feed back and suggestions

here are the specs

18W 6700k LED light from ebay
Eco Complete
stock filtration
also have a cheap heater from Petco that keeps the water at 78F
I found a piece of malaysian drift wood that had one side completely flat, so i cut the other end to make it flat to fit right up against the side of the back left corner of the tank and then sorta made a shelf with some micro swords on it, kinda tough to explain pic should help

Micro Sword
some kind of ludwigia
corkscrew val
some kinda of crypt
then the other stem plant next to the ludwigia, keep forgetting the name

I dose with excel and also have flourish iron but dont have a test kit yet for iron so need to get one first before i start using it

If you can't tell im sorta new to the hobby so be easy on me haha
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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