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Spec v or edge 6g for planted betta tank?

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I'm desperate for recommendations or experience with either the spec V or edge 6gal as a planted betta tank. I've got decided on low/high tech as far as planted tank. I'm concerned with the edge having a small hood opening, if there will be enough surface air for the betta. I'm not sure if this is a real concern or not. Also, the smaller opening makes me think it would be difficult to reach certain areas of the tank for planting/cleaning. I like the aesthetic of the edge but I'm not sure it's suitable for what I'm wanting. This tank will be heavy planted for a single male betta. Any input, suggestions etc are welcome.

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I have a 12g edge and a spec v. Either one is fine for a betta. I've had multiple bettas in my edge through the years (not at the same time obviously) and they've all found the air opening without issue (they have to battle the current of the filter, but they manage). If your betta is dumb, people have had success lowering the water level and then gradually raising it until they figure out the air opening. The edge is annoying to clean (takes almost as much time as cleaning my 50 gallon), but I still like mine. You may need to put a piece of sponge in the spec v filter outflow if the current bothers your betta.
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